Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Jamrud - Berakit-rakit

Lagu dari Jambrud.

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Grand Funk Railroad-I'm Your Captain

Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

List of Music Websites


1. The Best Bass Guitars
2. Theminiatureguitars

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

iTunes-Play, buy, and sync your music, movies, and more.

Play, buy, and sync your music, movies, and more.

iTunes is a free application for your Mac or PC. It organizes and plays your digital music and video on your computer. It keeps all your content in sync. And it’s a store on your computer, iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV that has everything you need to be entertained. Anywhere. Anytime.

iTunes lets you enjoy all your music, movies, video, and TV shows on your Mac or PC. When you want to watch or listen to something, you no longer have to look through your CDs or flip through channels — just go to your computer and open iTunes. With your entire media collection in your iTunes library, you can browse everything faster, organize it all more easily, and play anything whenever the mood strikes.

Watch constantly. Rock out endlessly. Immerse yourself in music, movies, and more. It all starts with the iTunes player. Easily browse your entire media collection and organize it however you like. And when you want to hear or watch something, it’s just a click away.

Good-bye, CDs. Hello, digital.
Import your CD collection to iTunes, and listen to your music in new and better ways. Just pop a CD into your computer. If you’re online, iTunes automatically finds the album, artist, and song names. You can even choose to download cover art. And just like that, iTunes converts your music to a digital format. So long, CD clutter. Welcome to the digital world.

Go digital, and you can do more with your music. Like create perfect music playlists. Just drag songs into a playlist, choose the play order, and let it roll. Make one playlist to get a party started. One for the gym. And another for just chilling out.